MarketFinance makes senior appointments following £10m grant

MarketFinance has appointed The Rt Hon. Baroness Susan Kramer and entrepreneur Shalini Khemka to the MarketFinance Grant Supervisory Committee. These appointments follow the recent announcement of the £10m grant from the Capability and Innovation Fund, announced by Banking Competition Remedies Ltd. Baroness Kramer will act as the chair of the committee with Shalini Khemka joining as a member.

The committee has been established to oversee the governance of the grant. They will provide oversight and advice to MarketFinance in its administration of the Grant, bringing their decades of experience in policy making and business to support the ambitions of MarketFinance to expand their services and help wider spread of businesses across the UK.

This seems a positive move, hopefully this will insure the grant is used properly so many of these grants have been simply absorbed in to everyday activities with no real benefit to SME businesses.