UK SMEs increasingly positive in their outlook

A new report from MBH Corporation PLC has found that many SMEs in the UK share a positive outlook for the near future despite the continuing impact of COVID-19. Around 12% of SMEs surveyed described the outlook for their business over the next two years as “very positive”, with a further 40% describing it as “positive”. By comparison, only 4% view their business prospects in the next two years as “very poor”. For 2020, 57% expect to either make a profit or break even, while 8% believe they will make a “big profit”.

MBH chief executive Callum Laing said: “This research is really pleasing for us to see as it clearly reflects the optimism at play in the UK SME market and highlights the scale of opportunities available for investors here as these smaller companies can be nimbler and more innovative in responding to the challenges at play this year”.